We Make Holiday Magic Happen

Decorate your business or home for the holidays

Do you want to decorate for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's Eve or another winter holiday? Maybe you want to decorate just because. No matter why you're feeling festive, you can partner up with Moxie Mowing and Landscaping. We'll happily install decorations on your residential or commercial property.

We can:

  • Hang lights on your home or business
  • Wrap lights around your trees
  • Set up inflatable decorations
  • Hang wreaths

When we're through, you'll have beautiful lights and decorations. You'll love how special your property looks for the season. Contact us right away to find out more about our decoration installation services.

Why bring in professionals to decorate your property?

You might be used to decorating your own property. If so, you're likely tired of untangling string lights, climbing ladders and trying to wrap lights around trees. If you hire us, you can say goodbye to the decorating hassle.

You can relax while we give your building the best decorations it's had yet. If this all sounds good, but you're hesitant about the price, ask us for a free estimate now. We'll help you find out what's right for your budget.

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